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We offer Quality Ingredients and custom chain Solution for Customers
in the supplements like Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Sachets and Many More.

Manufacturers and Exporters of Nutraceutical Products

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Contract Manufacturing

Equipped with modern, comprehensive and specialized manufacturing equipment services, we offer third party manufacturing, private labeling, and customized packaging.

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Formulation & Development

Our team is equipped with the expertise and facilities to turn your idea in reality.

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Customised Packing

We offer a broad packaging portfolio and have the expertise in supporting you with design, labeling and packaging solution.

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Regulatory Support

Product registrations for overseas markets, Dossier collation and preparation, Product specification, Claim substantiation, Label compliance.

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NABL Quality Assurance

The assessment of precision and trueness of measurement methods, quality control, assigning values to materials, calibration and the establishment of conventional scales to eliminate the needs of customers.

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Supply Chain Management

A proven track record in delivering goods on time ensures our brands is synonymous with reliability.

Global Presence

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Effervescent tablet

Effervescent tablet


Our vision is to enhance people’s lives throughout scientifically backed approach to product development, we believe that we are in an excellent position to drive revenue growth with innovative Nutraceutical products.


Testimonial 1

The Aeron Life Science team has proven to be extremely effective. Their expertise in CONTRACT MANUFACTURING, FORMULATION & DEVELOPMENT, CUSTOMISED PACKING, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT and NABL QUALITY ASSURANCE. I would highly recommend them.

Testimonial 1

Very customer friendly people. They do what they say and will help you with your products and needs.Loved working with them.

Testimonial 1

Aeron Lifesciences, gratitude for your outstanding support. Your co-ordination with us, product packaging and design, Quality of product is sync with our requirements is highly appreciated. Look forward to more business in the coming days.

Testimonial 1

Very communicative, highly understanding of all requirements of different products, timeline and quality as promised. We will continue working with him long term for all of our new products.

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